My 240x128 graphical LCD


It's a Powertip PG-240128-A parallel drived, white on blue, graphical 240x128 pixels LCD, with a Toshiba T6963c controller, and LED backlighted.

I bought it online from ModwareHouse for 125 Euro (about 140US$-220AUD$) without shipping and handling costs.

(The datasheet is available at http://www.powertipusa.com/pdf/pg240128a.pdf)


I added four 10mm standoffs to the PCB for mounting the LCD onto a plexiglass stand


The connection schematic (in Acrobat PDF format) is based on this one, but I modified it with a Centronics 36 pole female connector instead of the original DB25:


Component list:

I soldered K1, the 20 pin male connector directly to the back of the LCD PCB (pin 1 to 20)

Rear view
Detail of the T6963c controller


The edge array backlight consists of six parallel wired white LEDs and is specified for 120mA @ Uf=3.5V shining through a diffusor plate behind the LCD itself

The backlight LEDs


To connect the LCD to the parallel port I wanted something clean, as well as for the contrast and luminosity settings. Not to forget a reset switch and the +5V connection. So I developped a little PCB:

PCB layout
Component layout


glcd/pict0006.jpg glcd/pict0007.jpg glcd/pict0008.jpg

Rear views of the mounted PCB:

From left to right: Reset switch, contrast, luminosity, +5V-connection. Actually power supply is done via an external ZIP100 PSU (exactly +5V), but afterwards I want to connect it to the Enermax +5V rail in my PC-70. Therefore I decided to include a 0.5AT fuse & fuseholder onto the PCB.

glcd/pict0005.jpg glcd/pict0010.jpg

For the LPT1 connection I used a 36-pole female Centronics connector, so I was able to use a standard printer cable. The whole thing is mounted on an alu profile of 20x30x2 mm that will be fixed on a plexi standard. For the cable to the LCD I used a "cannibalized" 40-pin IDE cable. The LCD has 20 pins, so I used only the lower row of the 40-pin connector (1 wire on 2).


As principal software to drive the LCD I use Mr. ChronoM's PowerLCD 2.02 (also a guy from Belgium!) available online for 19.99 Euro (about 22US$-35AUD$). This package is specifically developped for use with graphical LCD's with a T6963c or SED1330 controller.

Some pics in action (PowerLCD runs here on my laptop):

Big Clock
System Info


Network Info
Winamp Info


MBM 5.3.3 doesn't recognize correctly the chipset of my laptop, so most sensors are missing or wrong...
Eh, normally it should indicate the number of mails at Skynet as "31"...


Beside my Nokia 6210. On this pic you can see the headlines at O'Reilly Network (via Internet).
That's all folks!

This is the LiquidMP3 0.9.3 beta plugin for Winamp, with spectrumanalyzer, VU-meter and oscilloscope:


After picking up the plexiglass stand at the store, cut to dimension and folded at an angle of 70: I just have to drill the neeeded holes...


LCD is now completely mounted and functional. Actually the wiring and the LCD PCB are still visible. As soon as I have cut the window in my PC-70 I will recuperate some 1mm thick brushed alu, and with that I will make a framework around the LCD with an opening for the viewable area:

glcd/pict0041.jpg glcd/pict0044.jpg


On the base all screws are sunk. Four adhesive rubber feet keep the whole thing stable onto my desk:

glcd/pict0049.jpg glcd/pict0051.jpg


glcd/pict0052.jpg glcd/pict0054.jpg


glcd/pict0062.jpg glcd/pict0063.jpg


Printer cable and power supply connected:



The following Picture is taken at a resolution of 2560x1920 pixels, standard compression (file size is about 350Kb)

My company's logo


OK, finally cut my Lian PC-70 window, used the resting alu to cut the frame for my LCD: :



After the finishing touch (filing, sanding) here's the result:


Again, some pics with the frame mounted: (In the meanwhile I made some skins for PowerLCD)

glcd/pict0089.jpg glcd/pict0090.jpg


Just preordered a white on blue LED backlighted 320x240 pixel LCD with a SED1335 controller from ModwareHouse. Can't wait to start it all over again...