My Suzuki SV1000S


2004 (K4) model, 11.700km, 996cc, watercooled Twin, completely faired, 120PK, for 4500

Original, as I bought it in July 2009:


First modifications: Two aftermarket MTC Tri-oval stainless exhausts with two outlets each and Chewy's mirror spacers & fairing crash protector bobbins:







Depending on my mood I can drive with four, two or no dB-killers at all:


Suzuki lowered driver gel seat (about 2.5cm lower):


Fenda Extenza mud guard to keep the motor/fairing a little cleaner:


Puig touring windshield and Suzuki GSF500F mirrors (about 2.5cm wider stems) :

Now I can finally see other than my shoulders in the mirrors...




In the fairing integrated front LED turn signal lights (and a new electronic turn signal relay):


Super-mini rear LED turn signal lights


5-LED white LED position lights:


Blue Healtech GIpro gear indicator & ATRE (Advanced Timing Retarding Eliminator):


Awaiting to be mounted: Two 8000K HID kits with Bi-Xenon bulbs & ballasts:


Also awaiting to be mounted:

- A complete Banditmania superbike kit (about 400) with black Renthal streetfighter bars, new black billet top yoke with adjustable risers, extended throttle cable assembly, HEL stainless reinforced front/rear brake & clutch lines and new grips.

- A Healtech Speedohealer speedometer calibration kit

- A real carbon fiber cover for the speedometer gauge

- A Chewy's PAIR removal kit