My bike

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This is a picture of my previous bike, a 1993 Suzuki Intruder 1400.

It's the four speed, 71HP version, imported from the US, with aftermarket open exhausts

I owned it for about three years and 7.500miles (I told you, it's a US version...)

Great bike (great engine, bad chassis...) but nothing compared to my actual one

So I sold it to buy the dream of my life... see next pictures...







THIS is my actual bike...

a Harley-Davidson Softail Heritage Classic 2001

Twin Cam 88B engine, 1450cc, carburated

I bought it new in the beginning of August 2001

Only 9274Km 9629Km 10096Km on the speedometer (just kidding...)


Click on the image for a Hires picture (2.7Megs, modem users, be aware!!!)

In the meanwhile I replaced the original exhausts by Screaming Eagle balooney cut exhausts (great sound !!!),

added a RPM tachometer just behind the windshield,

a chrome engine guard,

a jiffy stand extension (I'm not so tall...),

and the handle bar of a Fat Boy (again, I'm not so tall...)



Click on the image for a Hires picture (2.9Megs, modem users, be aware!!!)

Next modifications (when my finances get better...):

- Passenger footboards -> Done

- Screaming Eagle airfilter system and stage 1 carburetor modification -> Done

- Wide tire kit (Dunlop 150 instead of stock 130) with modified pulley, rear brake and sprocket -> Done

- In the meanwhile I replaced the original Keihin CV40 carburator by a beautiful Mikuni HSR42 carburator kit.

This is the best modification I ever could apply to my Harley (I wish I had done it earlier), I now have the impression to ride a turbo-Harley...


Some more pictures after a good cleaning (31th of July 2004)...