My watercooled Lian Li PC-70 project

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Details of the airtrap.

Pump and Filling&Bleeding system.

Remark the piece of 20mm silicone tube between pump and PVC tubing.

I replaced the original 2-wire cable (with a big Molex) of the fanspeedselector on the front panel by a 3-wire cable with a little Molex. Through a drilled hole in the PCB I connected the third wire with the RPM monitoring connection of one of the two front fans.

Rear view of the fanspeedselector. The wires are glued with a gluegun.

"Purple Ice" anti-corrosion additive and green Fluo Dye Lite.

These are the parts that I used for modding the Swiftech MCW462. 1/4" to 1/4 nipple (drilled to 10mm internally), a 90 15mm copper turn and a piece of 15mm copper tube, all hardsoldered together.

Compared to the original swivel connectors of the MCW462.

Comparision of the ID of a standard 3/8" brass hosenipple and a 20mm PVC tube.


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