My watercooled Lian Li PC-70 project

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I also finished the electronic part of my digital flowmeter (right display) and the radiator fan regulator-voltage monitor (just beneath)

General views of the front panel:

I'm waiting for my order from Ledtronics for 25 blue rectangular 5x2mm LEDs to replace the red LEDs from the voltage monitor.

The original 45 barbs from the DD GF4 block have been removed and replaced by 15mm copper tube and 15mm copper turns.

I know there are a lot of sharp 90 turns, but it's so easy for routing the hose from the CPU block...

This thread sealing from Loctite is what I used to seal the threads of the 1/4" connections to the GF4 block. It's also perfect to seal threads between metal and PVC or plastic parts.


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