My watercooled Lian Li PC-70 project

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Bezel with window for LCD (left), holes for switches for CCFL's, potmeter for fanregulator (middle), and leds from voltage monitor for the rad fan regulator (right)

My R-3603 Tygon arrived from Danger Den ! (there's 5.5m (18feet) on the pic)

Close up

Together with the Tygon I received also my acrylic topped Maze3 and GF4 waterblock... As usual I removed the original 1/2" barbs from the Maze3 and replaced them by 15mm copper tubing.

I will modify the GF4 block the same way (I don't like those 45 turns...)

These are the silentblocs I found to replace the home made grommets on my Eheim 1250. Not cheap, and I paid more on bank transfer costs than for the silentblocs themselves...

In the meanwhile I bought two of these rounded CCFL fans. Will probably not use the fans but only the CCFL's and mount them on a my Antec Blue LED fans on the front panel.


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