My watercooled Lian Li PC-70 project

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After a pause of more than six months I finally managed to continue my watercooled PC-70 project.

The Eheim has been mounted already and runned for leaktesting. As usual some pictures:


I made some DIY silentblocs to mount the Eheim onto the case. A detail of the mounting order (the pump is mounted between the two "grummets").

I modified the inlet and outlet of the Eheim to adapt them to my existing tubing. 90 20mm PVC turn and 15mm female-female copper adapter glued onto the original inlet, 1/2" to 12mm copper adapter for the outlet

I had to make a baseplate for the Eheim 1250 because the right screws fell out of the vertical backplate of the PC-70... This plate is screwed onto the PC-70 backplate through 10mm long screws.

Detail of the alu baseplate

I have to modify the outlet of the 1250 (I don't like the 12mm copper since I use 15mm in the rest of the circuit)

I made a hole in the backplate for easy access to the mountng screws of the Maze3.

Quite expensive (with the shipping costs from the Netherlands) but I ordered some "real" silentblocs to mount the Eheim...

20mm PVC 90 turn glued onto the inlet of the pump so that the localisation corresponds to the inlet of the earlier Sicce Idra. 3/8" to 12mm copper adapter en 90 copperturn on the outlet. There's still a piece of 17mm silicone tubing between the pumpinlet and the fill/bleeding system to prevent pump vibrations.


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